Why the CX-3 is a Great First Car


At Rosen Mazda we remember when big honking sports utility vehicles ruled America’s highways and byways. They were big, bold and beautiful. They were also difficult to find parking for at times and always thirsty for fuel which could really add up at the pump. When gas prices went up even more, sales went down. Even as the price at the pump has eased off considerably over the past few years, smaller is still better in the minds of many cost-conscious consumers across the country. We can sympathize. As much as we love those behemoth SUVs, there’s a lot to be said for fuel efficiency, which brings us to the CX-3 subcompact crossover SUV. It’s small, it’s affordable and it make for a great introductory car for new car buyers.

By new car buyers we don’t just mean those people who are in the market for a new car, we mean those buyers who are currently shopping for their very first automobile. Why not make it a ‘cute ute’, as subcompacts like the CX-3 are often referred to. As adorable as the CX-3 is, looks aren’t everything and there are plenty of great features to this subcompact crossover that will appeal to a range of folks. The CX-3 features Mazda’s signature SkyACTIV technology that makes fuel economy highly achievable with 27 miles to the gallon on city streets and 32 on the highway. This adds up to a combined 29 mpg. Mazda’s KODO design elements make this car pretty easy on the eyes as well, with a choice of eight colors and three trim levels (Sport, Touring and Grand Touring) to sweeten the deal in a price range of $19,960 and $24,990.

Space is limited for both cargo and backseat passengers which is why we are so enthusiastic about this car for first-timers. First time buyers could be any age, single or married, with or without kids, of course, but we’re thinking of those folks who skew a little younger, are single and don’t have families to haul around yet. It’s a great car to take to college or to fit the active lifestyle enjoyed by the Millennial generation. The CX-3 also makes for a great second vehicle for short road trips, errands and just cruising around town in general. Did we mention, it’s adorable?

If you are in the market for a cute ute or a full-size vehicle, come down and talk to us at Rosen Mazda. We have plenty of great Mazda vehicles for you to choose from. You will find us at 100 N. Green Bay Road in Waukegan, IL.

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