Electric Mazdas Coming Soon

Waukegan Mazda Dealer

Here at Rosen Mazda we have nothing against the concept of an electric vehicle. We like gas and diesel engines, rotary motors and anything that powers an automobile down the road. A rubber band-powered sedan would even be worthy of our respect. The demand for lower emissions, by both consumers and through increased government regulations means every car manufacturer needs to get in the game. This means Mazda also needs to get a game plan ready to stay competitive in sales. Good news is we recently got word that the Japanese automaker plans to do just that as early as 2019.

Mazda has set the goal of 2019 to meet the Zero Emissions Vehicle, or ZEV, regulations in North America. The ZEV mandate is a special provision of the Clean Air Act which allows US states to follow federal emissions requirements or adopt California’s requirement. Nine other states have opted to adopt California’s. Four years ago the Golden State added a regulation which required 15 percent of all new Mazda sales to be ZEVs in 2025. These vehicles can be BEVs (battery electric vehicles), FCVs (fuel cell vehicles) or PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles).

Mazda will incorporate its own design features into its electric vehicles to help them stand out from the pack and the company is also researching ways to increase battery power. Mazda hasn’t offered much else in the way of specifications and other information but they have hinted they may incorporate a gas engine to extend the driving range of their vehicles. It has also been suggested that Toyota may provide components for a hybrid as a part of a technical agreement between the two automakers. The pivot to a hybrid shouldn’t come as a complete surprise as Mazda has previously tested a hybrid version of the Mazda3 last year using Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system paired with the Mazda SkyActiv gas engine.

We may not have any electric powered Mazda vehicles for you yet, but we do have plenty of great sports cars and sedans for you to choose from. Come visit us at your Waukegan Mazda dealer today and talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable salespeople. You will find us at 100 N. Green Bay Road in Waukegan, IL.

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