Mazda Develops Bioplastic

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We all know what it feels like when you get that first scratch or scrape in the body of your new car. With as many new cars as we sell here at Rosen Mazda, we feel that pain for our customers many times over. Those worries may be a thing of the past if Mazda has anything to say about it.


Watch the Paint!

Mazda has been working on the development of a new bioplastic that, if successful, will forego the need for any body paint at all. Not only would this keep new cars looking great for longer, it will also be better for the environment as there will no longer be paint emissions released into the air. Bioplastic doesn’t need polishing either. We know you Mazda lovers enjoy polishing their babies, but you’ll have to learn to love vacuuming floor mats instead.

The Japanese automaker partnered with Mitsubishi Chemical to develop the new plastic which is made from a compound called Isosorbide. Isosorbide comes from plant matter and is nontoxic. It’s safe and it is weatherproof. It’s also scratch resistant which will perhaps be its most coveted attribute.

If you want to get even more technical, the bioplastic is classed as a bio-polycarbonate. It is sturdy enough to pass safety inspections. Currently the shells of vehicles are coated with a substance that combines oil-based polycarbonate and metal. That doesn’t sound like something you want to breathe. Not to us anyway.


Starting Small

You shouldn’t expect to see this new bioplastic being placed on vehicles in the near future. Mazda is first going to test it out on a few small exterior sections of the Roadster RF first. If they like the results of the finish on this retractable convertible model, then there’s no reason they shouldn’t go forward full throttle. They also plan to use the plastic on the interior of a few models as well.

We don’t have any new Mazda sedan, hatches or sportsters available with bioplastic yet, but we do have plenty of great new vehicles on our lot. Come visit us at your Waukegan Mazda dealer today and talk to one of our friendly and professional salespeople. You’ll find us at 100 N. Green Bay Road in Waukegan, IL.

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